Chimney Cleaning Through The Ages

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As we have progressed through time, we have experienced a huge rise in the number of professions. Previously chimneys were constructed much wider in size but during the 17th century when a great fire almost threatened to destroy the entire city of London, the art of making chimneys changed drastically. The openings were narrowed and the lengths were increased. This resulted in children being mainly were employed for cleaning chimneys because the small physique of the children enabled them to easily climb to the top of the house and go down the chimney hole. However, the scenario changed with the industrial revolution. Nowadays, with the advent of modern technologies, many people have involved themselves in the profession of chimney cleaning. Day by day as the profession is gaining popularity, the rise in the demand and lifestyle of these professionals is also improving.

Chimney sweeps now employ modern technologies for cleaning chimneys like for example weight method and dual line cleanup method. Previously only a single person was employed to do the job. This made cleaning chimneys to be a very hectic, tiresome and time taking activity. However modern day experts generally go for dual line cleanup process. This process involves two persons working simultaneously in sync with each other, one from the top and one from the bottom. This has rapidly brought down the time factor manifolds and has also helped to increase the efficiency of the cleaning.

The art of Chimney cleaning is now a fully sponsored subject that is taught in many workshops all around the world in order to create some expert professionals. These professionals are exposed to some world class sweeping technologies and latest safety measures by some world class tutors so as to deliver full satisfaction to the customers every time. This is also required due to the high risk of fire hazard that is associated with the job.

Currently chimney sweeps use high powered flashlights and cameras to verify the efficiency of the cleaning and to provide the customers the full value for their investment. The detection techniques deployed by them are according to the latest safety convention that is realized by the government and security organizations all across the world. Moreover, apart from cleaning chimney sweeps also have knowledge about the latest developments in the field and can effectively guide you also to install the best chimney for your house that also suits your budget.