Air Conditioner Replacement And Repair The Capacitor

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The most common problem with air conditioners has been reported as the capacitor breaking down. Understandably, if the capacitor breaks down, you can be assured that your air conditioner will not provide you with some much needed cool air. Working on a capacitor is easy enough and you can easily work on it using handy tools that you have at home. The other option would be to call your technician who will obviously charge you to take a look. Its very easy and one of the simpler air conditioner repair activities that you can manage on your own.

First, you must understand what a capacitor is and what role it plays in your air conditioner . The capacitor is the cylindrical object inside your air conditioner that is in charge of storing energy. It works hand in hand with the compressor and the blower motor as well as the fan in your air conditioner. It is responsible for starting or stopping the motor and in turn, regulate the temperature as per the settings. The easiest way to check that the capacitor is the culprit in your air conditioner not working is to listen in and try to determine if the motor is running or not. If there is no humming sound or the motor isnt running, you have to fix the capacitor as it is not working! The same could apply if there is humming but the fan isnt moving.

After you have ascertained that the capacitor is the problem, you will now have to turn the air conditioner off and start work on the capacitor. You should never attempt any repair work on your air conditioner unit when the power is still on unless you are using a voltmeter to check that power is passing through some power vital parts! After the power is off, find your capacitor and inspect it. Does it look normal or is it misshapen? Afterward, you can discharge it from the power and this step is very important. Make sure not to yank it out as you could end up damaging the connectors. After you have discharged it, simply remove it from its hold and inspect the wires in order to note how they have been screwed in.

Disconnect the wiring only after you are sure you have noted where everything needs to go. You can jot down or have a rough drawing as failure to reconnect correctly could lead to the new capacitor not working at all. Make sure that you replace the capacitor with the same model and make in order for your air conditioner to work properly. If you can find the same make and model, you can consult and get a make and model that has the same specifications as the one being replaced.

Once you have done the replacement, make sure that you have covered the AC as it was before using its panels. Turn on the power and check if its working. Your air conditioner should start running if you have correctly replaced the capacitor. If it isnt working, recheck to make sure that you connected the wires properly and test the AC again.